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Laguardia Music Group

Laguardia's musical group was founded in 1881 to be the oldest band of Álava. It has always been believed that the first steps in a long-journey of the musical group of Laguardia occur in the nineteenth century to hear the fanfare of the Battalion settled in this fortified village. After his disappearance in the 1870s, a group of neighbors come together spontaneously and without much organization, with the sole purpose of making music. A few years later, en1881, signed a record to form a municipal band.

The latest data (Álava diocesan file) show that in the first decade of the nineteenth S
Music Chapel of Santa Maria of the kings sought the help of musicians from the "orchestra of the town." There were two trumpets and three clarinets. Thus the existence of wind formations Laguardia is located in 1810. Today's musical group is made up of Laguardia forty musicians that perform more than fifty performances each year.

Laguardia Youth Band

Band that draws on the
students of the School of Music's musical group Laguardia and gave his first concert in 2005. Since its introduction the young band has given concerts in many different locations.

Clarinet Ensemble

Grupo flexible cuya formación se extiende desde el
trío hasta el octeto, dependiendo del repertorio y el estilo musical. Este ensemble se presento ante el público en 2001, desde entonces hasta la actualidad han trabajado con regularidad abordando con profundidad el repertorio compuesto por W.A Mozart para el clarinete. También interpretan música compuesta exclusivamente para esta formación. Igor González (Clarinete), Ruth Fernández (Clarinete), Idoia Fernández (Clarinete), Elsa Tejada (Clarinete), Javier Bezares (Clarinete Bajo) y Eduardo Moreno (Requinto)

Pipers Elciego & Friends

The group of "Pipers of Elciego & Friends" emerged in mid 2001 as a result of the collaborations that emerged to meet the musical needs demand more complete.

The group will comprise two components of the Pipers of Elciego, Juantxu and Juan Carlos, with Joseba Koldo P. Heredia, Juan Manuel Saenz, Saenz and Jon Elosegi Jonk.

This on sale from May the new album "And why not?" : A compilation of songs that have characterized this group in their recent performances. + More Information + More Info

Audio Tracks
- "23 de Junio . Laguardia Music Group"
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- "Tiger Rag. Pipers Elciego & Friends "
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