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Harmonic Invention

Harmonic Invention was created in 2007. As a starting point, research the music of the past, focusing mainly on musical literature of S XVIII. This is a separate chamber orchestra, plus an intense concert has actively promoted the study of musical heritage and the recording of unpublished repertoire. The orchestra has sought to disseminate not only the large repertoire of S XVIII, if not the little-known, both the Spanish and European desire a vital and communicative gestures that have a clear presence.

In a way evocative, our goal is to embark on a historic journey to the public, looking for emotions, showing the subtlety of the music of another time, where not only the intellectual and historicist criteria, but the theory of the emotions guide us along the path of emotional enjoyment.

Fétis In 1832 François Joseph (1784-1871), then director of the Conservatory of Brussels, decided to revive the sound of a whole range of music played on the large collection of ancient instruments that had managed to gather so far. Thus was born the musicology "practice" or method of interpretation that once consolidated, has emerged in recent decades of the twentieth century as the most rigorous, fair, credible and interesting to ensure an approach to repertoire from all periods .

- "The Salzburg divertissement"
(Display program)

Divertimentos KV 136 Re M.........W.A Mozart


Divertimentos KV 137 Si B M.........W.A Mozart
Allegro di Molto
Allegro Assai

Divertimentos KV 138  Fa M.........W.A Mozart

- "All Joseph Haydn (The fhater of symphony)"
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Sinfonía No 13 Re M.......................... J. Haydn
Allegro Molto
Adagio Cantabile
Manuet e Trío
Sinfonía No 14 La M........................ J. Haydn
Allegro Molto
Minuet e Trío, Allegretto
Sinfonía No 17 Fa M.......................... J. Haydn
Andante ma non molto
Allegre Molto

- "The love and indifference (Theatrical concert)"
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A show that takes place in the S XVIII. A journey through the world of feelings of being Human. A dramatic-musical vision of human feelings, which is fused with music and literature.

The texts have been created by Joseba Pérez de Heredia, philologist and writer. The instruments used are reliable copies of those used in the S XVIII.

Instrumental Training. 2 Baroque Violins, 1 Viola Baroque, a baroque cello, a bass, guitar Baroque Soprano, Percussionist and Narrator.

The show is created for the public to get excited, to enjoy a story that blends the best of Baroque music, literature and human feelings.

A musical journey that moves the listener to another time and another aesthetic.

- "Music for the Royal Fireworks HWV 351 G.F Haendel"
(Display program)

Overture-Allegro-Lament-Allegro da capo
La Paix. Largo alla siciliana
La Réjouissance.Allegro
Menuet I
Menuet II
Sinfonia N 4................J. Haydn
Finale, Tempo di Menuetto
- "Mozart and the strig Orchestra"
(Display program)

Pequeña Serenata Nocturna Kv 525
(Eine Kleine Nachtmusick)
Romanfe (Andante)
Menuetto (Allegro)
Rondo (Allegro)
Divertimentos KV 136 Re M.........W.A Mozart
- "Music for Christmas"
(Display program)

Concerto Grosso (Per la note di Natale).............. A. Corelli
Concierto de Navidad Op.8 No.6............ G. Torelli
Concierto Grosso Op 3, N 11 RV 565.......... A.Vivaldi
Divertimento en Fa M, KW 247........... W.A Mozart

Audio Tracks
- "Listen to me Celestial Spheres"
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- "Puer Qui Natus"
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- "Ut Queant Laxis"
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